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Oil Sea, 2017-2018

This series of drawings have been conceived as a visual interpretation of the national anthem of Venezuela for the recent times.

The anthem is titled "Gloria al bravo pueblo" (“Glory to the Brave People”) and it is a patriotic song that synthesises the history and vision of the independent revolution of Venezuela from the spanish crown. Where all together, rich and poor were claiming for freedom, a freedom that did not exist until 1810. An anthem that invited all of Spanish America to join the independent movement, following the example of the brave people of Caracas.

I try to make a parallelism between that historical moment with the current period of the Venezuelan history, because it is marked by an oppressor regime that has brought famine, economical and political crisis, and the lack of freedom for its citizens. Millions of venezuelans have been forced to flee their land in pursuit of a better future, running away from extreme poverty and violence. 

Oil because Venezuela is on top of an oil sea, a great blessing, but in this case it is more like a curse, because it is an infinite font of corruption, and origin of many of its structural problems as an economy that depends on 98% of this industry.

In a country where opposition leaders and parties have been also part of the problem, and people year by year lose their hopes in a better future or a political change, they feel abandoned, with no hope, So I invite them to see the national anthem with fresh eyes, beyond the surface, could be used for inspiration today, and light for guidance, in a moment where Venezuela need it the most.

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