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Daniel Rey (b. 1990) is a Venezuelan visual artist currently living and working in London. He creates site specific installations, paintings, drawings, and collaborative projects to explore themes of migration, the collective memory and the built environment. His research addresses how the notion of home changes and expands for people who have gone through processes of displacement, questioning our sense of belonging, our relationship with the architectural space and our perception of borders. 

Rey’s practice deals directly with the migration crisis happening in Venezuela, where more than 6 millions have fled. He is interested in creating a universe to recreate elements of those homes that exist only in the collective memory, using rituals and culturally charged materials. With a background in architecture, his works often incorporate elements of the architectural language, with the potential of intersecting, and also challenging, the limits between art and architecture. He conceives his art practice as an active vehicle for the discussion of the issues that threaten our vulnerable communities in the present. 

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