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"Hilando Mesas" exhibition at Latin American House.

Tomorrow finally opens an exhibition I feel very excited to be part of: "Hilando Mesas". It is a show exploring the main themes of my practice; notions of home, migration and Latin American identities. I will be showing work alongside Francisca Sosa Lopez, who is an amazing female Venezuelan artist.

Latin American House is a London charity with a beautiful mission, they help Latin migrants to integrate in the UK society. These communities can sometimes feel intimidated in art spaces, so we aim with the show to connect with them, create bridges between our art practice and them, share our experience as migrants and listen theirs, and show how we are creating work about life itself, about experiences in which they can identify, and most importantly, invite them to participate and be part of the work.

The exhibition will be open from the 17th August until 7th October, both Francisca and I have made site specific work, very fresh, and we will have a participatory / collective piece, we will invite all the people who visit the exhibition, to bring food packaging from their place of origin and stick it to a white canvas in one of our hand-made panels, to create a collective collage, this will be evolving during the whole time of the exhibition. We will also be hosting a series of events such as: a Kick-Off Panel discussion, A potluck night, and a Mildfullness & Arts workshop.

This project project is taking another dimension thanks to Lucio Martus, the Spanish filmmaker who will document and tell the stories of 3 Latin American families through their food, with a video piece which will be presented at the end of the exhibition. The Photographer Paola Vivas, will make portraits of the people during the Potluck Night, and the designer Cristobal Ochoa will be creating the final publication with recipes and stories from the whole experience, also to be presented the closing night, on the 7th October. Nothing of this would have been possible without all the work of Nao Zaragoza at LAH.

I would like to invite you all to the show, experience the work, participate and hopefully I can see some of you there :)

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