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(…) Forgot to Remember to Forget (…) A group show at Gerald Moore Gallery

This past Firday 28th of October, the group show (…) Forgot to Remember to Forget (…) curated by Curated by Yueh-Ning Lee & Sixten Liu @otherwiseproject opened to the public at Gerald Moore Gallery. As one of the nine artists exhibiting, I am showing a new installation titled: Courtyard of Forgotten Memories (2022).

The show is open until the 5th of November!

Courtyard of Forgotten Memories by Daniel Rey
Installation view of "Courtyard of Forgotten Memories"

About the Show:

(…) Forgot to Remember to Forget (…), a group exhibition with nine artists exploring the notions of nostalgia with its interrelationship with memory, home-making, identity and migration to subvert the perception of nostalgia as a negative sentiment to show a longing for the past and an unfulfilled desire for the present. Nostalgia as part and parcel of the human experiences could be seen as a defeatist retreat from the present, and evidence of loss of faith in the future. However, stemming from Svetlana Boym's restorative and reflective nostalgia and Milan Kundera's view on nostalgia as a deceptive sentiment, this group exhibition takes three distinctions as the departure points to invite the participants to break the absolute binaries of the past, present and future. Furthermore, to refine the mapping of the grey areas on the outskirts of an imaginary home.

Curated by Yueh-Ning Lee & Sixten Liu @otherwiseproject

With support from The Swedish Arts Grants Committee and the Exhibitions Hub, Department of Art, Goldsmiths College

Artists include: Yarli Allison, Nikolai Azariah, Ignacio Chico, Shi Jiao, Catalina Correa Moller, Semin Hong, Zaratea Gården Hurtig, Daniel Rey, Wenxuan Wang

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