Not Here, Not There, Nowhere

CSM Arcwahy Campus

This piece is a continuation of Unstaying, the ephemeral installation made with banana leaves on the 2022 exhibition This is Not a Party.


In this opportunity, only a section of the house is built, placed in such a way, as if it was intersected with the white walls of the exhibition space, implying the notion of the space / situation in between,  like the feeling when a person doesn’t feel completely at home where they are, either when they come back to their actual place of origin. 


The short face of the structure holds a mirror which is camouflaged behind the banana leaves, only pieces are perceived, creating the illusion of a portal on the white wall, altering the perception of the space and bringing ambivalent ideas to the work. 

The Long side shows an oil painting, which is part of a new body of work titled: About Waters. The painting works as a window to a sea scene, a cropped section of a body on top of a boat, a response to forced migration processes and the Venezuelan diaspora.