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Citizen of a Nation Swallowed by The Sea, 2023


1 minute 59 seconds


This work has been awarded the LVMH Maison/0 The Earth Award 2023

The work explores the displacement of communities as a consequence of coastal flooding. Drawing on personal experience and the loss of their own home due to debris in Venezuela, Daniel Rey invites us to imagine a potential future scenario of mass displacement resulting from rising sea levels.


The video transports us to a frozen capsule in the year 2050, where a digital manifestation of Akira, a citizen of a country swallowed by the sea, recounts her story and the subsequent events that unfolded: the tragedy, the displacement of her entire country, and the digitization of their consciousness, prompted by the scarcity of space and resources for all individuals. The work is a poignant exploration of themes such as migration, social power structures, and the consequences of capitalism in the era of AI.

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