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Daniel Rey’s practice explores the underlying systems of migration, borders, and the relation between architecture and the natural environment. He, his family, and friends are part of the Venezuelan diaspora, in consequence, his research often addresses the political, economic, and migrational crises that his home country suffers, questioning the notion of home and belonging. 


With a background in architecture, he incorporates motifs from this discipline into his works, primarily from the technical language of construction drawings. His body of work is formed predominantly by paintings, drawings, and more recently video - with the use of the grid, vivid colours from the tropico, strong contrasts, and patterns related to architectural drawings.

Daniel uses art as a medium to drain the pain caused by the dictatorship in Venezuela, to aim conversations about the emotional baggage carried out by migrants, and to blur the boundaries between art and architecture. His influences come from literature, cinema, buildings and different artists, such as: Alexander Calder, Henri Matisse, Gego and Anselm Kiefer.

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