What I'm learning from the COVID-19 pandemic

It's a warm night in Alicante, Spain, the corner of the planet where I am spending the summer, and I'm in front of my computer putting down some thoughts into words, to share it with you, and I have to say that is a very difficult thing to do, because my natural way of expression things is through drawing, I write my ideas down on my sketchbook and I express them using it.

We are living strange times indeed, and my way to escape from all storms and the pain product of all the things that are happening at the moment is through my art.

Art has been my salvation, now and before. In 2016 I started the series Oil Sea, it helped me drain the long lasting pain produced by the critical situation in Venezuela, my home country.

During this 2020, with a global health emergency, an invisible threat, a virus capable of killing thousands, made me wonder, what if I could be the one exception? Even if I am now 29 years old, what if I get the Covid-19 and end up dead in a hospital bed?

You know, you read the news about some young people dead because of the virus, and it's strange, it's an exception, but it happens.

Putting that idea up there, the confrontation with death, it makes you reflect! rethink your priorities, and that happened to me. So I realized I wasn’t breathing before, and I decided to do the things I love, the things I needed to do in order to be happy and complete as a human being in this planet, because my inner mission in life is to make art, I've always felt it, it gives me spiritual satisfaction and there's a message that I need to share with the world thought my art, and that's something I can't do with architecture, just because it doesn't fulfill my soul.

I see crises as times full of opportunities, to change, to re-shape our ground, to re-born, to fill the gaps of the resulting problems. Not everything is bad, I want to believe that when this crisis is over, we’ll have a more conscious world, more emphatic societies, individuals more true to themselves, and it's that process the place that interest me, to start a conversation, and my last series, Sea of Dots, aims for that: Sea of Dots.


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