Sea of Dots - Starting from an article on The Washington Post

Updated: Sep 5, 2020

The starting point for this series called "Sea of Dots" comes from an article by the Washington Post in which they show a computer model that explains graphically: “Why outbreaks like Coronavirus spread exponentially, and how to flatten the curve” This has become the most shared and viewed post from that newspaper until this day.

It became compacted information and part of our mass culture.

I was captivated by the simplicity, the beauty and the efficiency of the message, it was very clear why we had the need to self isolate, and not only for ourself, but also for the well being of others, so the concept of collective and massive, was in it.

I have taken the simulation where part of the population is with reduced mobility or lockdown and exported the frames, combining all of them into a single image with different opacities, creating a Sea of dots mirror like a society during lockdown. The draconian measure that has arrived with no distinctions in most of the societies of the world, it connects us in a way, and has put us into thinking, into reflection processes. The result can be pictured on the following image.

Life stopped, that we were forced to slow down, we had time to reflect, to create, to change. And on my view, of the few moments when a person has the chance to slow down is when that person unplugs, and goes on a holiday. So I've created this association between the fact of "lockdown-slow time" and what it could be "images that transport us to the feeling of holidays" and that with the purpose to ask, were we ok before? Maybe we need to slow down? Is it sustainable our way of life? For us and for our planet?

Here some of the paintings from this series until now.

  1. Man of Islands

  2. A Floating Tank

  3. When Time Expands


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