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How terrible Venezuela is dealing with Covid-19.

I still find so surreal how the Covid-19 pandemic has changed our lives. And I say our lives, but of course I’m talking from the glasses of my own personal experience, what I see and feel. I’m like a processor of all those feelings and they come out to the world through me as pieces, it’s a way to get lost and also to put aside what’s inside me.

Venezuela is a piece of my life that hurts a lot, the situation was already bad before the pandemic, and now everything is just worse in many unbelievable ways. Hospitals are collapsed, there are not enough tests, and people returning home from neighbouring countries after losing their jobs are being held for weeks or months in inhuman conditions in hotels or improvised camps. Part of my family is in Venezuela, so I know from them things that this article from The New York Times explains very well.

Imagine being afraid of getting ill because you would have to go to the hospital. A person with no insurance in the U.S. Could face this fear, because going to the hospital would mean a huge debt in the future, but at least, that person will probably live. On the other hand, a person in Venezuela shares the same fear, but for different reasons, you’ll be afraid of being held in a hospital where there are not enough doctors, medicines, and space or condition (like water supply) to treat the wave of people that are actually arriving with covid-19. Of course, if you have money in Venezuela, you can go to a private clinic, however due to the pandemic, the government has gained control of those too. The paradox of two extremes that touch each other.

It’s a fucking dilemma, but either way it’s wrong, it should be granted great health for all, no matter what, you shouldn’t be afraid of seeking medical help. And I don’t know how it can work, but I do believe that we should demand for it. Most of the european health systems we have nowadays were born after the Spanish flu pandemic, so I wonder: how covid-19 will affect the access to free and QUALITY health systems to citizens of the world?

I feel we are living in an earthquake in slow motion, and with all the noise and chaos we don’t see what is happening in more vulnerable places, such as Venezuela. That helps authoritarian regimes to go deep down in placing more control over their citizens, in adding more chains and systems to stay in power. And the pandemic hits harder.

And that’s how times goes by and my home becomes more a place in my mind than a physical place in time and space. Home is childhood with all my family and friends. Pieces of that love, of those people, of that place will always live in our mind, it happens when Vision is replaced by Memory.

Abstract contemporary art painting with cyan background and yellow and red colours.


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