Drawing with light underwater

I find endless beauty in the lines of light underwater, they are a consequence of the moving water and the sun penetrating them, a complex process that produces these moving patterns, we could call it “the negative space of waves”.

This happens underwater, but the same (or the opposite) thing happens outside, when we have the sea, or a pool, and the moving water is reflected on a surface, it could be a raw concrete ceiling, for example. In principle those two effects are the same thing.

And I always wondered how it could be if you could just give shape to that, make the water move in a certain way to obtain a conceived shape, it would be like drawing with light and water. Is it even possible?

I am not interested in reproducing that effect as it is, but I do take it as a departure point, a way to insert some elements into my paintings, another of the layers, for the series I am working at the moment “Sea of Dots

Part of my interest is to draw with light, using from the negative, that in my case is wire, simple wire. I’ve been placing the first base of my paintings, that comes as a result of our time under lockdown, (You can read about on my previous post), then I add elements from the architectural language, to express my ideas, as elements that exist in real life, part of details, material patterns from drafting softwares, because I’ve been drawing architectural details for years, I’ve spent 2 years in one of the top 20 architectural practices in the world. I find so much beauty of these architectural elements.

Then I spray colour on these drawings made with wire, to proceed and remove it, the result is a slightly darker image with the negative of the wires in lighter lines, what it could be like drawing with light underwater.


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